Grants currently available for website design in Ireland. Click on each one for details.


Local Enterprise Authorities (LEA) in Ireland are offering a helping hand to businesses who are interested in selling their products online. If you meet the criteria below, you can have up to 50% or €2500 of your E-Commerce website costs refunded to you under the scheme.

The information below is taken directly from the Kildare Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) website, and as such represents the most accurate definition of the process from end-to-end.

To apply you must:

Read the criteria below to ensure this grant is suitable for your business. This is extremely important to ensure you understand the remit of this grant and to maximise your chance of a successful application

  • Attend the next monthly information session held by the Local Enterprise Office Kildare. The next session is 19th October 2015.
    This is the last session for 2015. In order to apply for the grant you must attend this session.
    Details can be found here
  • Download the application form or pick it up at the information session. (Application form here)
  • Submit your completed application form along with 3 supplier quotes to Local Enterprise Office, Aras Chill Dara, Naas, Co Kildare
  • Your application will be assessed by our evaluation committee on a rolling basis
  • The application process for the Vouchers will be a competitive process.
  • You will receive notification of the result of your application within 20 working days
  • You will then be given four months to complete the work as specified in your application

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Vouchers will be available to a maximum value of €2,500 or 50% of eligible expenditure (exclusive of VAT), whichever is the lesser
  • Voucher approval must be gained prior to incurring any expense
  • Own labour is not an eligible expense
  • Third party costs only will be considered
  • All third party/supplier invoices must contain proper business details (e.g. Tax and Business Registration details).

The vouchers are targeted at businesses with the following profile:

  • Limited Online Trading presence
  • Less than 10 employees
  • Turnover less than €2m
  • Applicant business must be registered and trading for at least 12 months
  • Business must be located in the County to which you are applying.

Ineligible Projects:

  • Companies with charitable status, commercial semi-state companies, “not for profit” organisations, trade associations and company representation bodies such as Chambers of Commerce are not eligible to participate in the innovation voucher initiative
  • Professional services specialising in IT type services who are already capable of trading online using existing in-house systems
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Projects which are contrary to public policy
  • Duplication of support for projects which would be eligible for assistance from other State Agencies of EU funded Operational Programmes
  • Projects with employees in excess of 10 people
  • Projects deemed to be capable of proceeding in any event without scheme assistance i.e. deadweight
  • Projects essentially comprising importation and distribution.

What the vouchers can be used for;

  • IT consultation
  • Development or upgrade of an e-commerce website
  • Implementing Online payments or booking systems
  • Purchase of Internet related software
  • Purchase of online advertising (this purchase cannot make up any more than 30% of approved Voucher costs and can only be drawn down in one payment phase)
  • Developing an app (or multi-platform webpages)
  • Implementing a digital marketing strategy i.e. Social media marketing
  • Consultation with ICT experts for early stage adopters of online strategy
  • Training/skills development specifically to establish and manage an on-line trading activity.

What the vouchers cannot be used for;

  • Development of brochure websites
  • Purchase of non-internet related software
  • Anything other than online trading related activity.

Evaluation Process

An evaluation committee will assess the applications and make recommendations for approval

A competitive process will be put in place to assist with selection process. Selection of successful applicant will be based on the following criteria:

  • 1. Eligibility for scheme
  • 2. Value added potential
  • 3. Export potential
  • 4. Job creation potential
  • 5. Financial Sustainability


Help starting a business

In addition to income support (your weekly payment), you can also get financial support with the costs of setting up your business. These supports are provided under a scheme called the Technical Assistance and Training Scheme (TATS).

You can only get the TATS if you have been approved for the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA). The business plan you submit as part of your application for the scheme must set out the rationale and requirement for financial support. The ESG can pay a total of €2,500 in any 24-month period (The ESG is paid to people getting the Short-Term Enterprise Allowance on a pro-rata basis). You must be able to make a matching contribution of at least 20% to access grant support. You need to provide documentary evidence of the costs (quotations from at least 2 suppliers or, if a single supplier, the reasons for choosing a single supplier).

Eligible items for grant support include:

Category Annual limit Minimum contribution
Accountancy and related services including legal advice Up to €500 20%
Advertising and marketing aids Up to €500 20%
Business equipment Up to €1,000 20%
Business mentoring Up to €250 20%
Business registration costs and fees Up to €250 20%
Compliance, guidance and training Up to €250 20%
Job-specific tools and equipment Up to €1,000 20%
Office supplies and stationery Up to €250 20%
Personal protective clothing and equipment Up to €250 20%
Public liability insurance costs Up to €1,000 20%
Short-term training on start-up Up to €250 20%
Signage Up to €500 20%
Upgrading of premises Up to €1,000 20%
Website registration, related services and production Up to €500 20%
Combination of above in any 24-month period €2,50020% of total

You can claim Start Your Own Business Relief if you are getting the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA). This scheme provides a two-year exemption from income tax (up to a maximum of €40,000 per year) for people who have been unemployed for at least 12 months before starting their own business. It runs from 23 October 2013 to 31 December 2016.